Great Point is proud to have supported Woodcut Media in the delivery of two Amazon exclusive true crime docuseries Murder in the Red Light and Becoming Ian Brady, licensed by Prime Video in the UK and Ireland.

Murder in the Red Light looks into the decades of murder cases of vulnerable sex workers that rarely made the headlines in the UK and were not police priorities. However, The discovery of five women’s bodies in two months in the British town of Ipswich in 2006 changed that. As it emerged, the killer was found to be one man, Steven Wright (aka ‘The Suffolk Strangler). The series will explore the lives of the women, how police changed their approach after the Ipswich case and examines the public and media response.

Becoming Ian Brady presents the complete story of Britain’s most notorious killer Brady, who between July 1963 and October 1965 tragically killed five children in the Greater Manchester area of England, along with his partner Myra Hindley. Also running to three episodes, the series frames the story through Brady’s evolvement and twisted desires, while examining the impact of the murders and questioning how they came to take place.

Woodcut delivers two true crime for Amazon – Televisual