The Hammer

Following the questionable death of a local judge, Kim Walker returns to her home state of Nevada to take over as the new traveling judge, overseeing three courthouses over twenty five thousand square miles.

Shortly after settling into her new position, she discovers that her predecessor was murdered in connection to one of the cases she is presiding over, and her sister is the prime suspect! Now Kim must work to prove her sister’s innocence, alongside fullling her judicial duties, all while fighting for justice with the no-nonsense attitude that earned her the nickname “The Hammer”.


  • Director | Jeff Beesley
  • Writer | Sanford Golden
  • Writer | Karen Wyscarver
  • Producer | Steven St. Arnaud


  • Reba McEntire
  • Melissa Peterman
  • Kay Shioma Metchie
  • Rex Linn

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