Media Infrastructure

Cutting edge studio facilities for high quality content

Recent years have seen a revolution in the way media is consumed, resulting in an explosion of television and film content being produced globally; in 2019 fifteen companies, including Disney, Apple, Netflix, Amazon and MGM, were forecast to spend in excess of $120 billion on new content alone.

This booming demand for high quality content, combined with a shortage of large purpose-built film studios, has created an exciting investment opportunity and since 2019 Great Point has been raising funds to invest in the creation of new studio facilities in the UK and internationally.

Our first UK studio was booked out for 2020 and with the UK set to remain a leading global production hub, our sector expertise and industry relationships enables us to maximise value for our investors.

Cardiff, Wales

Seren Stiwdios

On 1 October 2020 Great Point took over the lease and management of the large Seren Stiwdios complex from the Welsh Government, with an option to purchase and expand the site. Seren has four large stages totalling 74,000 square feet in addition to copious production office and ancillary space. Nearby locations are spectacular and diverse, with cityscapes, coast and countryside all easily accessible. The studios are within 2 hours of London. Great Point has developed plans to expand the complex and site, updating the existing studio space and adding a further 150,000 square feet of stages, offices and backlots, as well as a range of integrated services.