Content Creation

Little Door Productions

Little Door Productions Limited is a female led Nations and Regions television and film production company based in Cardiff. They are a talent focussed business, creating an environment that ensures the creatives they engage with are able to create their best work, be they a first-time writer or an Oscar winner (both of whom they currently have on their slate).

Investment Case

In careers spanning 20 years, Elwen Rowlands and Hayley Manning have worked across the industry, gaining valuable insights and contacts and have previously worked with all the major UK broadcasters. Little Door already has a six-project development commission from BBC Network and a development commission from Film Agency Wales and Channel 4.

Growth Strategy

The capital raised by the company will be used for overheads to scale the business and enable development of future projects.


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Key People

  • Elwen Rowlands | Joint Managing Director
  • Hayley Mannings | Joint Managing Director

Initial Investment Made

  • 9 August, 2019