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Looper Insights

Looper Insights provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology enabling customers to manage and grow e-commerce revenues. The company aims to deliver a 10% increase in client sales by ensuring vendors of media content have the best product, page, price, placement, promotion and therefore performance on all available platforms

Investment Case

We see a great deal of commercial potential in the Looper business model. Great Point works closely with several VOD / digital distributors and is familiar with the challenges they face in managing their digital distribution. Looper’s technology not only addresses these challenges head on but can also be applied to several different aspects of film and television distribution. The company has an expansive product road map and is well placed to capitalize on a wide variety of identified growth opportunities.

Growth Strategy

The capital raised by the company will be used to scale the business and accelerate the development of Looper Insights into other verticals such as theatrical, eBooks, video games and music.

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Key People

  • Lucas Bertrand | CEO

Initial Investment Made

  • 5 April, 2019