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ProgramBuyer is an online screening portal that showcases television content from around the world, providing sellers and buyers with a single destination where they can list and search for a wide variety of content. Buyers can find information on thousands of titles, view screeners and search for programming. Sellers are able to use the cost effective tool to showcase entire catalogues to a broad range of buyers, from all markets and platforms.

Why did we invest?

The television distribution business historically revolves around a handful of annual markets, such as MIPCOM and MIPTV in Cannes. As part of these markets buyers set face to face meetings with as many distributors as possible and need to review a different slate document and/or system to identify acquisition targets from each distributor individually. Not only is it extremely costly and time consuming, but it also means buyers likely never discover a lot of content that may fit their platforms.

Our team felt ProgramBuyer’s proprietary platform would streamline this process significantly by allowing buyers to access a much wider range of content in one place, and sellers to access a much larger group of potential buyers, saving both sides a significant amount of time and money.


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Key People

  • Roz Parker | Director
  • Edwina Thring | Director

Initial Investment Made

  • 26 April, 2019